“We’ll see how brave you are.”
– Tori Amos


Hi. I’m Heather. I’m a photographer. Many years ago, when I was corralling people for a group portrait and introducing myself to strangers so I could take their photo at a wedding reception, someone once told me they admired my bravery. I told them that being behind a camera doesn’t make me brave. It’s only brave if you put your art out into the world and let people judge your work for themselves. So here we are.

With So Brave Photography, my focus is on those everyday moments, both big and small. Whether it’s a new baby or your baby is now graduating high school, I believe there’s beauty in the everyday. It’s easy to over-edit a single image in Photoshop and create a glossy¬†photo with mass appeal. However, it’s harder to find unique¬†treasure in the bustling daily experiences that make up a life. This is where my nearly 20 years of photography experience can help you capture that everyday beauty you might be missing.

Currently, I am based in the Northern Kentucky/ Greater Cincinnati area where I’ve lived with my Husband and furry menagerie for nearly 15 years. Originally though, I’m from Eastern Kentucky and will happily travel for photo shoots in the area because I have family there already.

If you’re in need of a photographer for your special life event, pet or family photo, feel free to contact me. I promise no gimmicks and no high pressure sales. Just the opportunity to photograph the beauty – and the bravery – in your everyday moments.