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The Anniversary Photo Shoot

Every year since our first wedding anniversary, Husband and I have set up a simple and easy in-home photo shoot. It started as something fun to commemorate a special occasion, but then I had the thought of continuing the tradition. “Imagine what this could look like 20 or 50 years from now!”¬†And so the plan […]

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My Camera is My Passport

Let’s try and win some awesome new gear, shall we? Not to mention sharing a wonderful sentiment about what it means to travel through life as a photographer. Courtesy of: SnapKnot

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The Perfect Selfie Self Portrait

We’ve all seen it. The duck face, the peace sign, the pucker, the horribly washed out face due to on-camera flash, the ‘here’s my abs,’ the everyone’s eyes were closed, the cut-off head, the ‘in the bathroom’ shot. The ubiquitous Selfie. They’re everywhere nowadays and most likely, you’ve taken a few of your own. How […]

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

We got the chance to see a wonderful film tonight. If you’ve ever been a fan of photography or grew up reading Life or National Geographic magazines (and gawking at the photos like I did), then I highly recommend this movie. The imagery is beautiful and the message is wonderful and uplifting. We also found […]

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Michelle, Cooper and Jaxon

I recently had the privilege of doing a photo session with an old photographer friend of mine. Michelle and I both learned photography way back at NKU in a dark room with film and paper and chemicals and everything! I had photographed Michelle and her first baby Cooper in 2010. What an honor it was […]

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